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Challenge: To create successful interactive launches surrounding Tyler Perry Studios' original programming premieres on OWN Network, through traditional press coverage, social media campaigns, interactive apps and organic engagement. 


Solution: The branding would include the conceptualization of unique marketing materials created with both the design and marketing teams through brainstorming and breakout sessions. These weekly meetings would give way to creative ideas including; viral commercials, quippy sound bites and trending taglines.

Result: Tyler Perry Studios partnership with Oprah Winfrey Network grew to be an ultimate success spearheading several series launches to follow.  Media coverage, specifically social media engagement, became a landmark model for future network premieres.

Challenge: In September 2020, American Express launched The Coalition to Black Businesses initiative as an answer to the 2020 civil unrest, which caused many corporations to step back and evaluate their internal diversity and inclusion practices. This landmark campaign was designed to create culturally sensitive language to reach a diverse audience of small black businesses. Six marketing campaigns would launch in hopes of rebranding the historically elite credit company as an inclusive financial organization, along with a specific goal to support small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Solution: Outreach would range from digital commercials, print, online ads and email campaigns. The language in these outreach materials would  be carefully crafted to present fiscal facts and business trends in a culturally sensitive way.  An exclusive invitation would be offered to a limited number of small black business for a unique opportunity to experience the gold treatment from American Express. These selected businesses would be awarded a grant and free financial education from Amex and its affiliates to cultivate economic growth in underserved communities.



The program emerged as the First-of-its-kind collaboration between four major Black chambers, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the National Business League, the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., and Walker’s Legacy.

American Express was able to meet the goal of securing 25 Black-Owned Small Businesses to participate in their business training program. $10 million was committed to the grant program to support U.S. Black-owned small business recovery over the next four years.


In addition, each business was awarded $25,000. Amex's  banking partners were also able to successfully approve 79% of more than $100,000 individual loans that were distributed to small businesses -- loans that offered low interest rates and early payoff incentives. These collaborative efforts were successful in creating a more inclusive presence for Amex during the civil unrest and gave small business capital to pivot their brands and products, while garnering worldwide exposure through promotion by Amex on television, print and social outlets. Ultimately, the project allowed American Express to compete with MasterCard and Visa, all of whom strived to find solutions to address the disproportionate financial impact in Black communities throughout the pandemic, securing a seat at the table in the movement toward social change. 



The NBA All-Star Jam Session presented by adidas; is a three-day weekend event which historically, had not been well covered in the media. The objective was to garner interest through social media engagement and traditional press, while generating community involvement by launching engaging creative outreach, organic fan engagement and community partnerships. 


Solution: The campaign partnered with local businesses and non-profit organizations such as The Boy's and Girls Club, which gifted shoes sponsored by adidas, to kids in need. An exclusive partnership with black-owned local radio station KJLH facilitated contests, free ticket giveaways and concerts.  Celebrities, athletes and news reporters highlighted each of these efforts through daily engagement and participation on all mediums. Their support drove visitors to the newly established NBA social media pages. All-Star Player's voluntary presence in community initiatives and fan engagement gave the NBA's social media outlets and the overall event a newly branded feel, positioning NBA's Jam Session as a necessary component to All-Star Weekend. 


Result: The NBA Jam Session was a sold-out event. There were 

multiple giveaways to charity organizations, positive viral press

coverage, and a 300% increase in impressions reaching followers across

all social media platforms.

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